Amul introduces healthy beverage 'Seltzer' by blending dairy, fruits, fizz

Dairy major Amul recently said it has introduced innovative and healthy beverage product 'Amul TRU Seltzer', a blend of dairy, fruit juice and fizz, in the market. Amul claimed that this is the first time that Seltzer has been introduced in the Indian market.

"India's first Seltzer, Amul TRU Seltzer, is currently available in two flavours lemon and orange. It is attractively priced at just Rs 15 for 200 ml PET bottle," Amul said in a statement.

Orange Seltzer contains 10 per cent orange juice, no artificial colour/flavour and just 10 per cent added sugar. Similarly, Lemon Seltzer contains 5 per cent real lime juice, no artificial colour/ flavour and just 9 per cent added sugar.

"Amul TRU Seltzer is a finest blend of dairy, fruits and fizz. The products contain goodness of dairy, real fruit juice, and exciting fizz. It is therefore much more than just sugar and water which every brand has been selling to Indian consumers," the statement said.

This product is suitable for consumption by all age groups, it added. The two flavours have already been launched in the Gujarat market. Amul will soon roll out many new variants like Cola, Jeera and Apple, all made from real fruit, in PET bottles and shall and also introduce all flavours in smart Can packaging.

"Globally, seltzers are made with infusion of juices and interesting flavours. It has already emerged as the fastest-growing category in the Western countries," Amul said.

Historically, people from Niederselters, a town in Germany bottled and exported their naturally carbonated water in 1787 and Americans called it seltzer, it added.

Amul has a major presence in dairy based beverages. To strengthen its beverage product portfolio, the cooperative launched a blend of milk and real fruit juice under the brand 'Tru' in Feb 2019.