Layn Natural Ingredients launches Nutrae division

Layn Natural Ingredients, a leading global innovator and fully vertically integrated supplier of natural botanical extract solutions serving the biggest brands in food, beverage, nutraceuticals and animal nutrition for over 25 years, today announced the launch of its Nutræ business unit. Nutræ by Layn® is dedicated to providing botanical ingredient solutions and innovation ideally suited for applications in health, wellness, sports nutrition, personal care and beauty. 

“As the world’s largest producer and innovator of stevia and monk fruit extracts, Layn’s brand is well recognized in the natural sweetener market. Our botanical expertise also extends deeply into functional botanicals used in the supplement and personal care markets,” said Elaine Yu, president of Layn Natural Ingredients, USA. “That’s why we launched Nutræ by Layn and brought respected nutraceuticals industry expert, Jim Roza, on board to lead science, research and innovation for the division. Specifically focused on serving the exacting needs of nutraceuticals, sports nutrition and personal care products, Nutræ helps brands meet growing consumer demand for natural, sustainable, plant-based ingredients, and differentiate through science-backed botanical ingredient innovation.”

Nutræ is committed to delivering fully validated, formulation ready, clean label botanical ingredients and solutions tailored for use in nutraceuticals and personal care products. The business unit offers three branded platforms: 

• Nutræ ESSENTIALS – Health Essentials and Supplements
• Nutræ SPORTSACTIVE – For Sports Nutrition and Active Lifestyle
• Nutræ CARE & BEAUTY – Personal Care and Beauty

“A pioneer in botanical innovation, with a lasting commitment to botanical science, Layn has been delivering quality ingredient solutions at global scale for nearly three decades," said Jim Roza, chief scientific advisor at Layn Natural Ingredients, USA. “Nutræ has the advantage of leveraging the advanced R&D infrastructure, global supply chain assurance and agricultural excellence that have earned Layn a solid reputation as a leader in the industry.”

Nutræ represents a significant addition to the Layn Natural Ingredients family, expanding on the company’s capabilities, and building on the success of Layn’s three existing business units:

• Plantæ™ - food, beverage and flavor solutions
• TerraSweet™ - natural, plant-based sweeteners
• TruGro™ - animal nutrition and pet health

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