Amazon opens 2 new fulfilment centres, expands sort centre in Telangana

Ahead of the festive season, Amazon India announced the expansion of its fulfilment network in Telangana with 2 new fulfilment centres and the expansion of one existing sort centre in Hyderabad.

With this infrastructure, Amazon now offers a storage capacity of more than 4.5 million cubic feet spread across 4 fulfilment centres to its more than 23,000 sellers in Telangana. With the expansion of sort centre, Amazon India offers overall sortation area of more than one lakh sq ft in Telangana.

The expansion is a part of the company’s recently announced plans to add 10 new fulfilment centres and expand 7 existing sites, across India.

Prakash Kumar Dutta, director, fulfilment centres & supply chain, Amazon India, said, “Amazon and Telangana have partnered on several initiatives since the commencement of our operations in India with our largest fulfilment centre in the country located in Hyderabad. We are delighted to extend the partnership further with this additional investment in the state helping us deliver safely to our customers at their doorstep. This network expansion will help create thousands of work opportunities and will further help us support small & medium businesses in the region to fulfil their customer orders seamlessly. It will also provide an economic boost to the Telangana e-commerce ecosystem across packaging, transportation and logistics.”

Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world and sellers in India have been benefitting from Amazon’s expertise in fulfilment, reliable nationwide delivery and customer service. The specialized FC in Telangana will store thousands of products in the Large Appliances category consisting of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines & TVs and from a selection of over 1.2 lakh products covering the entire furniture range. The other FC in Telangana will cater to customer demand for products in smartphones, consumer electronics, appliances, fashion and consumables (FMCG) category to name a few.

Amazon India in Telangana
• 4 fulfilment centres with more than 4.5 million cubic feet of storage space
• A campus spread over more than 9 acres
• 2 sort centres in the state with more than 100,000 sq. ft. of processing area
• Robust delivery network with more than 80 Amazon-owned and service partner delivery stations in the state
• More than 23000 sellers in Telangana
• Thousands of ‘I Have Space’ stores in Telangana
• Top categories include – smartphones, large appliances, fashion, consumer electronics and grocery