An interesting line-up of products to freshen up the little ones' fun spirits with protein water infused with the goodness of vitamins.

The revolutionary brand started as India’s first protein water envisioning making nutrition as simple as drinking water. Protein is a major nutrient the brand has managed to simplify successfully. Taking it ahead, Aquatein has diversified its product line up this season and introduces India’s first of its kind Protein Drink for kids. With a mission to create waters that are fortified with various nutrients, helping the little ones to keep up their fun spirits always high and assisting them to cope with the gaps in their day-to-day life as easily as sipping water.

The cute little mascot MOE of Aquatein kids drink, in his different avatars like Captain MOE, Doctor MOE, Champ MOE & Explorer MOE promotes adequate hydration as the key to a healthier lifestyle, and that too, without compromising on the kid’s tastebuds making it a tasty experience. Merging it all with macronutrients one needs, the drinks are made with real fruit juice, with no added sugar, colours or flavours. Infused with 5G of pure protein with essential amino acids and zero preservatives, it is indeed the right pick for your kid’s hydration needs.

“Evolving and creating new frontiers is the key to success and we at Aquatein strive to bring innovative nutritional products to our consumers and especially kids with one goal in mind –  flavour-free, colour free and preservative-free fruit juice that delivers the goodness of protein and vitamins they need every single day to every household across the country.” says Ananth, founder

Not only this, but the protein drink is available in four different flavours, ranging from berries, orange, and lemon to mix fruit. It also contains added vitamins to aid in boosting the immune system, stronger bones and overall growth. Keeping up with the times and increasing health concerns, the new beverages are lactose and gluten-free which further helps in better nutrition and energy levels.

“With Aquatein’s mission of bringing about health and nutritional awareness, we have created a kid’s product keeping in mind parents’ nutritional expectations and kids’ taste buds. Can’t wait for the kids to dive into the world of real proteinaceous juicy drinks!” says Mitisha, co-founder