Dear Colleagues!

The International Competition of Strong Beverages “EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS” invites producers of strong alcoholic drinks to participate in the Competition which will be held in February 2023 in Moscow.

The International Tasting Competition “EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS” is fundamentally different from similar strong beverages competitions as it is a professional tasting competition that operates in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 8586-2015 standard.

The Tasting Panel of the Competition includes the best tasters of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan who have a specific technical education and solid experience in scientific and practical work at factories for the production of strong alcoholic beverages – vodka, whisky, ?alvados, etc. To ensure independent and unbiased work of tasters, the Committee on Regulations involved on the Competition. The Committee on Regulations includes top-managers of strong alcoholic drinks factories, journalists, representatives of wholesale trade companies. Therefore, producers participating in our Competition have the opportunity to introduce their products to representatives of wholesale trading companies.


The Competition was founded in 2020. Over this course of time, the leading producers of strong alcohol beverages from 10 countries of Europe and Asia (from Finland to Mongolia) have become participants of the Competition. It is a continental Competition, so each and every year we strive to cover a larger geographical area of the participants. We invited producers from China, Vietnam, Turkey to the EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS-2023 Competition, and we will be glad if strong alcohol producers from India also take part in our Competition.

Drink tasting will be held at the INSTITUTE OF FOOD BIOTECHNOLOGY in Moscow. This Institute is a developer of alcohol production technologies, as well as of almost all vodka recipes in Russia. The history of this Institute goes back more than 90 years.

Also, our Competition is fundamentally distinctive from similar competitions in that it has a special nomination "ECO STYLE" for strong alcoholic drinks of the "ORGANIC" standard and strong alcoholic drinks with improved ecological characteristics. In addition, our Competition has a special nomination "NEW TECHNOLOGY" which assesses not only the taste of alcoholic beverages, but also technological and methodological innovations to ensure the premium safety of strong alcoholic beverages.
Following the results of tasting, we provide information on the best alcohol beverages, which get the reward of our Competition, to the wholesale trade companies. Therefore, with our Competition, you will be able to find potential buyers of your products in Russia.

The cost of participation for one sample in the main nomination of the Competition (tasting the taste of drinks) is 200 euros. This amount does not include the cost of shipping the sample to Moscow. Delivery of the sample is paid by the participants themselves. This amount includes the cost of the award if it is received, as well as presentation materials, posting information about the winners and participants of the Competition on popular alcohol portals (websites) in Russia.

For more information on the Competition, please visit our website or call +7-910-971-28-61 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber).

We will be glad to see Indian manufacturers among the participants of the EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS-2023.

Egor Popov, Competition Director