Hygiene Tracking Solution to simplify Hygiene Compliance

In the light of the pandemic, we have witnessed substantial and lasting changes in the way we live. Hygiene both at home and the office won’t look the same in the post-pandemic era. Health and sanitization cannot be ignored or taken lightly anymore. This crisis has taught us about sanitation and hygiene, making it the new core for us. 

Ensuring safety and health of consumers as well as employees during these challenging times is important for sustaining the business. The one challenge that establishments face is tracking their facility’s daily hygiene practices and maintaining compliance while they ensure business continuity. Therefore, organizations with single or multiple sites or facilities need an easy-to-use and viable solution to help track their hygiene preparedness.

In order to help establishments build safer spaces, Equinox Labs has come up with a hygiene tracking solution to help businesses monitor and maintain their facility’s daily safety and hygiene compliance with the regulations. This app ensures that proper hygiene levels are met according to the set standards without affecting or hindering the operational efficacy. Hygiene Quotient is a user-friendly app with minimum intervention that collects real-time visual evidence of your site and delivers instant feedback plus metrics. 

This app will assist business owners by identifying the faulty areas, any kind of inconsistencies or violations at their premises and help them improve their facility’s hygiene score. It conducts health and safety compliance on a day-to-day basis, gives you analytical data to check the hygiene performance so that you can make informed decisions. Safety and compliance of your facility can be ensured in just a few simple steps. Click and submit the site evidence, let the Equinox Quality Assurance Team grade your site to give you real-time feedback, and based on it you can improve your hygiene score. 

Talking about the new solution, Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, Equinox Labs said, “The new pandemic-specific hygiene guidelines are here to stay. Businesses will have to adapt to these new regulations in order to sustain. 24/7 manual monitoring isn’t possible and not feasible. Therefore, we need a technology-based solution for businesses to ensure compliance and improve hygiene and sanitization of their facility. This cost-effective and timely solution will definitely help organizations to scale up their daily hygiene standards.”

He further added, “Hygiene Quotient, an intuitive app was born with our mission is to help organizations build safer spaces through technology-driven innovation, scalable processes, and actionable insights.”

Equinox Labs is a leading FSSAI approved and NABL accredited, and ISO 9001:2015 certified food, water, and air testing lab with a pan-India presence. It’s the largest auditing agency and with its quality and technology focused approach, Equinox has built a trustworthy relationship with its clients across multiple domains. 

We understand that consumer and employee safety is a priority and improving hygiene and safety compliance systems in establishments and facilities is an easy way to reduce the risk of customers and staff being exposed to pathogens. Our best-in-class LiveView technology enables live monitoring solutions providing a cost-effective means to automatically capture 24/7 compliance. The app is designed to efficiently assess your facility’s readiness to tackle the health and safety needs. 

Benefits of Hygiene Quotient:

  • Captures Evidence with a single click.
  • Gives feedback within minutes.
  • Sites can check their HQ score and 7-day trends.
  • Business Apps can see multiple site scores and weekly trends.

We know that times are tough, however Hygiene Quotient is here to assist you with your daily hygiene monitoring needs to bring your business back on track. We, at Equinox Labs are committed to helping and offering solutions to organizations in their journey of improved health and sanitization needs. We are driven to make your job easier and improve the customer experience. 

To get a free demo, visit http://hygienequotient.com/ and learn more about Hygiene Quotient and how it can help in seamless business operations.