How Origin Nutrition Resolved The Vegan Problem, Deliciously

Veganism is a lifestyle which aims to ensure that what you eat, drink or wear does not harm any other living being, or our increasingly fragile planet ravaged by mindless environmental damage. However, given the complicated supply chain, it is still difficult to verify whether products certified as vegan are truly natural and cruelty free.

Origin Nutrition, a Chennai-based company co-founded by Aditi Mammen Gupta and Chirag Gupta, has not only cracked that problem, it also overturns the common perception that healthy food is by default bland and tasteless.

The products, manufactured at their all-women run plant  are checked at every stage to ensure purity and then put through the taste check. This means what you get on your table is 100 per cent natural and exclusively plant based. Not just that, there is absolutely no added sugar, preservatives, thickeners,  gums or Soy,  and every product tested for heat stability and heavy metals. The whole selection process is extremely meticulous and based on European pea protein, which uses water based technologies to extract the protein. But most importantly, they are  also the most delicious vegan products in the market.

The Origin story began when Chirag realised that he was allergic to dairy and therefore couldn't handle whey protein, and thus shifted to plant based protein.  However, he was constantly troubled by the erratic supply of genuine vegan products and unreasonable prices. That led Aditi, who ran a food business of her own, to suggest that they start something on their own. They pledged to personally ensure that every item they produce is 100 per cent natural, and hence 100 per cent tasty. The rest, as they say, is history.

“We are, quite frankly, obsessed with ensuring that our products are 100 per cent pure, and as delicious as they can be,” says Aditi. “We want to ensure that our brand is synonymous with both, and not a day goes by without us thinking of ways to further check and validate the purity and taste of our products. It’s taken a lot to build this reputation, and we are well aware that all it takes is just one bad product to destroy it.”

All origin products, which include vegan protein in various delicious flavours and wellness essentials like biotin, are certified by Informed Choice, a global quality assurance and third-party supplement testing program.

You can order directly from their website (which also has delicious recipes and a protein calculator for the uninitiated)  as well as various online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata 1mg, netmeds and even Amazon USA.