DSM debuts integrated portfolio of plant-based meat alternatives

Royal DSM has unveiled a portfolio of integrated solutions for creating “stand-out” plant-based meat alternatives.

The range is designed to enhance taste, texture and nutritional value, while also managing sodium content in meat alternative applications such as burgers, sausages and nuggets.

Featuring a selection of yeast extracts, process flavours, hydrocolloids and nutritional ingredients, DSM’s full portfolio meets growing consumer demand for authentic, enjoyable and nourishing meat alternatives.

Consumers are increasingly looking for an end-to-end experience that offers great taste, compelling texture and mouthfeel, as well as a rich nutritional profile. Meanwhile, they expect reduced levels of sodium in their foods – which is typically present in high quantities in meat alternative products.

DSM’s plant-based meat alternative solutions include:

  • high nucleotide yeast extracts, such as Maxarome Select, which help to mask the ‘beany’ off-flavours typically associated with plant-based proteins and create a rich umami taste
  • Multirome, which increases juiciness and creates a succulent, fatty mouthfeel and experience
  • the concentrated Maxavor flavour range to provide the desired meaty taste direction;
  • Gellaneer gellan gum, which enhances water binding capacity for improved juiciness, while also building an authentic meaty texture and bite
  • For great-tasting products that also offer an appealing nutritional profile, DSM’s Quali vitamins and DSM Premix Solutions can be added to fill the gaps in the nutritional profile of plant based products, while the Maxavor Rye LS range can deliver a meaty flavour with reduced sodium to manage salt content.

Gilbert Verschelling, director business development & innovation at DSM, said: Delivering plant-based products that meet today’s evolving consumer demands is no easy task for food manufacturers. At DSM, we are uniquely positioned to help producers create truly enjoyable meat-alternative products that will tick all boxes for consumers. Our complete integrated portfolio of solutions for plant-based meat alternatives complements DSM’s wider plant-based offering, including its range of recently launched solutions for dairy alternatives.”