IFFA 2022: Wheat texturates and ingredients for vegan cold cuts high on the agenda

Plant-based application concepts from Loryma impressed during tasting / Textured wheat proteins in high demand

Ingredients specialist Loryma presented functional solutions made from wheat for the production of meat products, vegan alternatives and hybrid applications at IFFA, in Frankfurt. The vegan snack plate with protein-rich mortadella, salami, beef jerky and delicatessen salads attracted particularly positive feedback, as did the Lory® Protein (hydrolysed protein) and Lory® Tex (textured wheat proteins) product ranges, and their possible areas of application.

The great reaction of visitors to the Loryma booth showed the relevance of sustainability issues, and industry's continued demand for plant-based solutions. The portfolio of extrudates, in particular, attracted huge interest among attendees. When water is added, the textured wheat proteins of the Lory® Tex range develop a fibrous, meat-like structure. They are available in various shapes and sizes and are suitable for the production of a wide variety of alternative and hybrid products.  Also of interest to meat producers were Lory® Crumb extruded breadcrumbs, which can serve as a crisp coating for virtually any substrate.

Another example of the functionality of wheat-based ingredients is the vegan mortadella that was available for tasting. Thanks to the wheat-based binding component Lory® Bind, the purely plant-based cold cut has an elastic, firm structure and, as a result of enrichment with hydrolysed wheat protein (Lory® Protein H12), a protein content similar to its meat-based counterpart. Manufacturers can use Loryma's prototypical concept as a stimulus for new product development, and adapt it according to individual requirements with the inclusion of, for example, peppers or mushrooms. The mouthfeel is very similar to that of the animal original, but the vegan alternative has significantly less fat, is low in sugar and contains additional fiber.

Henrik Hetzer, Managing Director of Loryma, says of the company’s show success: "The great response from visitors to our stand proved that our ingredients are at the forefront of current consumer demand. Optimized nutritional values, in particular, are playing an increasingly important role in meat alternatives and our high-protein applications received a lot of attention. My team and I had great, stimulating discussions and are looking forward to new collaborations and product innovations."