Danish Ara Food Ingredients expands its range of organic products

Danish Ara Food Ingredients has further consolidated its credentials in the organic sector with the launch of two new products targeting early life nutrition, as well as a range of organic food concepts.

Quality Assurance: New Formula Ingredients
More than 6 in 10 Chinese parents say organic food is very important to them when shopping for food for their children1 and organic formula is expected to grow by 10% over the next five years . 2

Denmark Ala Foods raw materials can use the world's largest organic milk source base3 , and can provide high-quality raw materials for organic formula milk powder . At the same time, the Arlagården® farm management program ensures that its ingredients meet the highest safety and animal welfare standards.

Danish Ara Food Ingredients has now added two new certified organic ingredients to its Early Life Nutrition range: Lacprodan IF-7390 Organic, a whey protein concentrate derived from organic whey and advanced organic lactose. Both ingredients will be exhibited at the China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (31 May to 2 June).

Niels Joakim Karlsen, Sales Development Manager, Ara Food Ingredients, Denmark, says: "After becoming parents, people are often interested in organic food, and of course parents are particularly concerned about food safety and its high standards of quality. Therefore, formula manufacturers use high quality ingredients are especially important. As our product range expands, our vision is to be the most trusted supplier of early-life nutritional organic ingredients.”

Organic food: different concepts for different markets
Despite the gradual decline in global GDP, organic food sales increased in 2020, with organic packaged food having the highest growth rate of all health products. 4

Danish Ara Food Ingredients provides a range of organic products for the food sector, including organic versions of the Nutrilac ® range of functional protein solutions.

The new concept demonstrates its potential in different product applications and in different regions. New concepts include cast cheese: a natural and easy way to make cheese, targeting the developing Chinese cheese market, and will be showcased at the China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition. The process can be used to imitate cheese types such as cheddar and gouda, capable of producing finished or semi-finished products. This new concept can also be used to develop new cheese products with a rich creamy aroma and all the benefits of an organic product.

Other concepts include organic white cheeses that have a creamy aroma and respond optimally to rennet. Offers an organic alternative to popular white cheeses in regions such as the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, the concept includes a culinary-stable organic cheese, which is produced to allow more and more consumers to reduce their consumption of meat.

In addition, Danish Ala Foods has developed an organic, convenient and nutritious milk-based portable drink. It aims to attract the attention of health-conscious consumers in different regions, such as the European and MENA markets. The main features of this portable drink are high protein and calcium content, as well as mild milky aroma and suitable drinking consistency.

Danish Ara Food Ingredients can support different organic applications with its new range of organic ingredients, and these product examples are just a few of the different organic applications. More organically applied products are also available.

Barbara Jensen, Sales Development Manager, Ara Food Ingredients, Denmark, said: “There is a high demand for organic food around the world, but the definition of organic varies greatly from region to region. In China, for example, organic food is closely related to health and food safety. In other markets, it’s more about values ??like sustainability. As these concepts demonstrate, our ingredients can help manufacturers create organic products that appeal to consumers in target regions, while delivering functional benefits.”

The key to success in the organic market
This expanded product range marks the latest stage in Denmark's Ala Foods' organic journey, which began with the launch of MicelPure™ - an organic micellar casein isolate in August 2020.

Today, Danish Ara Food Ingredients focuses on helping food manufacturers produce successful organic products. The Natural & Organic Aces campaign recommends that manufacturers not only deliver organic messages, but also tell compelling stories about health, sustainability and clean labeling.

Danish Ara Food Ingredients also emphasizes ensuring supply security and providing professional application support for manufacturers involved in the organic field.

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