New Nutraceutical Brand ÄKTA Launches in India

ÄKTA Nutrition, founded by Deepthi Yarlagadda, licensed registered dietician nutritionist, and advisors Gopal Kolli and Kiran Yarlagadda in partnership with Sundyota Numandis Group, announced that they have developed a nutraceutical product line utilizing quality ingredients. Sourced from trusted suppliers around the world; ÄKTA is committed to investing in economies by sourcing locally produced ingredients. ÄKTA nutraceuticals will limit their range of products and focus development only on those of which they are truly proud. The initial products are for adults and will be available directly to consumers via They plan to eventually launch on e-retail channels, Amazon, Flipkart and eBay.

At launch product offerings include:

  • Bye-Bye Stress" promotes relaxation and sleep. Made with a unique formulation of Lactium, Melatonin and Ashwagandha.
  • "Good Immunity" promotes the body's natural capacity to fight against infections. Made with Eleulide, EchinActive, Vitamin C and Zinc, this distinctive combination helps build the body's natural immunity.
  • "Beet Strong" promotes overall well-being with added benefits of Beetroot. A beetroot powered multi-vitamin with minerals that provides a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals.

"Inspired by the healing power of nature, we vow to let the natural world guide us as we make sustainable decisions," said ÄKTA co-founder Deepthi Yarlagadda.

"Our vision is of a future where access to pure nutrition and its incredible benefits are readily available. ÄKTA is working towards this goal by developing products that are easily accessible and champion good health," said ÄKTA advisors Gopal Kolli and Kiran Yarlagadda.

ÄKTA is on a mission to provide simple, pure, potent, nature-inspired quality nutritional supplements. A comprehensive online educational and service portal is being planned with the goal of enlightening their customers as they embark on their wholesome nutrition journey. Deepthi is a licensed registered dietitian nutritionist in North Carolina. An advocate for nutritional equality and accessibility, she is inspired to educate and cater to the nutritional needs of both India, where she completed her master's degree, and the US, where she received most of her formal education.

Gopal graduated from Booth School of Business and is an eCommerce/Supply Chain leader with experience at Amazon, Costco Wholesale and others Kiran graduated from Columbia University and is a former CTO/technology leader in the financial services, healthcare and start-ups space.