IFF Launches New High-Performing Solution for Indulgent Plant-based Creams

IFF introduces a high-performing, innovative solution for the dairy alternatives market. This revolutionary, vegan suitable stabilizer is simple to use and stable throughout shelf life, and it delivers everything that manufacturers need to differentiate and expand into new markets with lesser risk and lower costs.

VEGEDAN® WP 1800 is a customized, protein-free solution developed to cater to the growing consumer demand for plant-based whipping creams that comes with a vegan label. To make the offering even more on-trend, IFF has specially designed it for use with coconut fat, a clear consumer favorite due to its intrinsic nutritional quality. According to Mintel market insights, new cream products containing coconut grew 20 percent from 2018 to 2020.

Manufacturers can look forward to an unbeatable performance with VEGEDAN® WP 1800 due to its excellent ability to withstand heat-shock, superior whipping speed and long-standing firmness of the foam.

“One of the challenges manufacturers often face is the viscosity build-up over time due to temperature variations. With VEGEDAN® WP 1800, plant-based whipping creams will remain stable for up to nine months, so manufacturers can expand their geographical reach with confidence,” says Kim Dahl, senior application specialist, IFF.

With VEGEDAN® excellent capacity for stable air incorporation, the cream is transformed into a stable, firm foam with just 90 seconds of whipping, making it the perfect long-lasting decorative topping. “Consumers experience a highly indulgent product, while the high overrun and absence of protein in the stabilizer solution actually reduce costs,” Dahl explains.

While VEGEDAN® WP 1800 is primarily used in chilled whipping cream applications, it is also possible to use it at an ambient environment due to its high temperature tolerance. This extends the range of applications and climates where it can be put to successful use.

IFF offers a wide range of plant-based ingredient solutions for the dairy alternatives market. Find out more about all the opportunities here.