Arla Food Ingredients Company provides a convenient way to high-end protein bars

Arla Food Ingredients Company provides a convenient method for the high-end positioning of protein bars.

Due to the market's demand for functional foods, meal replacements and portable snacks, the category of protein bars is growing. In such an increasingly crowded market, manufacturers are looking for new ways to differentiate their products and maximize their appeal to consumers.

Reaching high-end positioning is both a technical challenge and it takes a lot of time. However, a new solution from Arla Food Ingredients allows manufacturers to upgrade their protein bar products without the need to spend time on sourcing, balancing and blending large amounts of ingredients.

Lacprodan ® ISO.WheyBar is a high-end blended protein specially designed for protein bars based on whey protein and casein isolate. Whey protein isolate is widely regarded by consumers as one of the purest and most complete protein sources available, which enables protein bars to be positioned at the high end of the market.

This solution can be optimized for protein bars to obtain excellent texture throughout their shelf life (this is a challenge usually faced with protein bars using whey protein isolate). Its ready-to-mix form can reduce production time. At the same time, the quality of this raw material can also ensure that manufacturers can rely on its superior performance in production and the high-quality nutritional content contributed by the final product every time.

Joe Katterfield, business development manager for health and sports nutrition at Arla Food Ingredients, said: “For consumers who are concerned about this, protein bars are a very popular way to increase protein intake anytime and anywhere. High-end positioning can be achieved by introducing separated whey Protein is available, but this is often a challenge. Lacprodan® ISO.WheyBar can help manufacturers upgrade their protein bar products without having to deal with large amounts of protein raw materials."

Arla Food Ingredients will show this Lacprodan ® ISO.WheyBar solution at Booth 1565 of the SupplySide West show in Las Vegas on October 17-18 . At the same time, two other solutions to improve the quality of protein bars will also be presented: functional hydrolyzed whey protein Lacprodan ® TexturePro can give protein bars a superior texture and can replace maltitol while maintaining the texture. Lacprodan ® SoftBar can make the protein bar reach 37% protein content on the premise of using only milk protein, and at the same time can give the protein bar a pleasant whipping texture.