Kanchan Metals striving to upscale the plant-based frozen snacks market

Kanchan Metals has been the pioneer and one of the leading companies in the food processing industry. Known for its state-of-the-art equipment, it strives to offer new-age solutions so as to seamlessly cater to the food processing requirements of businesses.

Innovation is the key to survive and thrive in the market. This becomes all the more important in the present turbulent times due to the pandemic. While various industry players have been making efforts to sustain their growth, the frozen foods segment has been no exception. The market has been ever-evolving and has always been a progressive sector. However, it is now undergoing various disruptions owing to the coronavirus and technological revolution.

Plant-based frozen snacks are gradually gaining prominence now. Consequently, the food processing machinery is also treading on the path of innovation so as to cope with food industry dynamics. According to Research and Markets recent report, the global plant-based food and beverage market is anticipated a big growth and that Asia Pacific is one of the emerging markets. The increasing consumers' shift and preference towards veganism along with the plethora of benefits offered by consuming plant-based diets are playing a pivotal role in pushing the growth of the market. The report further points out that the plant-based products' recyclable packaging, innovation in their manufacturing procedures, along with the introduction of new products in the form of plant-based protein frozen snacks are carving the path for growth of the market.

Industry landscape of plant-based protein frozen foods

Consumers’ preferences have changed altogether and they now prefer food packed with health quotient and nutrients. Hence, the convenience of frozen foods makes them popular amongst consumers of all age groups.

With this consumer shift, the frozen food segment is being transformed into an organic and nutritious section. Vegan being the recent fad is foraying into the frozen foods segment as well. With the frozen foods turning organic and nutritious, the plant-based frozen food snacks market will continue to boom in the times ahead. Hence, the food processing industry players have been adopting various advanced solutions specifically for plant-based frozen snacks.

Kanchan Metals enhancing the plant-based protein frozen snacks market with its cutting-edge solutions: Partnership with VEMAG

Kanchan Metals has been the pioneer and one of the leading companies in the food processing industry. Known for its state-of-the-art equipment, it strives to offer new-age solutions so as to seamlessly cater to the food processing requirements of businesses. Plant-based protein frozen snacks being the new trend, the leading food processing firm has been putting in its best foot forward to fulfill the industry’s demands and needs. They have revamped the frozen foods segment on the whole with their remarkable OEM solutions. They have partnered with VEMAG, in order to offer the best principal solutions so as to smoothen the plant-based frozen foods manufacturing process.

The global brand, VEMAG supplies production machinery to food processing firms so that they can prepare good quality plant-based frozen snacks. With its flexible and extensive range of attachment along with the vacuum filling machinery, the brand offers high-end solutions for every requirement pertaining to the plant-based frozen snacks.

Having a strong presence in the market for over 7 decades, they strive to offer a modular system of standard fillers customized attachments that can be flexibly modified as per the user's requirements. Be it plant-based sausages, formed products, minced offerings, or filled products including burger patties, and unfilled balls; VEMAG is equipped with global quality machinery that helps produce any and every kind of plant-based frozen snack. It is recognized across the globe for its contemporary, efficient, and reliable solutions. Their machinery is known to be quick, flexible, and powered with technology and innovations that help keep the food processing players stay abreast with the industry trends and consumer requirements!

Kanchan Metals has been representing VEMAG in India for the past 15 years now and this collaboration has been immensely successful. Kanchan Metals with the assistance of VEMAG'S equipment has been able to cater to the vast and diverse requirements of its valuable clients across the country especially in the large snacks, bakery, plant-based frozen foods, and meat processing domains. The firm also boasts of an expert in-house team of dedicated engineers who are responsible for the installation and trouble-shooting support of VEMAG equipment in India.

Summing Up!

Via this association, Kanchan Metals wishes to maintain its leading stature. Recognized for its customized solutions and automated technologies, collaborating with VEMAG for their principal food processing solution happened with the sole aim to fulfill its promise of catering to the needs of the food processing companies specifically from the plant-based protein frozen snack segment perspective. All the brand wants is to enhance the plant-based protein frozen food market with its best-in-class solutions. In the times ahead, it also wishes to lend a helping hand to the businesses in this market so that they can grow and proliferate via the assistance of their principal food processing solutions that have been backed by VEMAG, a global solutions provider!