DSM debuts new culture for clean label and indulgent stirred yogurts

DSM has expanded its culture portfolio for stirred yogurt with DelvoFresh YS-042, which it claims creates indulgent, creamy yogurt with no extra ingredients.  

According to DSM, the new culture enables manufacturers to create stirred yogurt that stays extra mild, creamy and thick throughout its shelf life, without the need for texturisers or additional proteins.

DelvoFresh YS-042 boasts fast fermentation time and a stable pH during yogurt filling, which DSM says provides manufacturers with a flexible production time and cost efficiencies.

The culture’s low post-acidification means it maintains a stable pH until the end of shelf life (30 days), thus a consistent taste and texture.

DSM is launching DelvoFresh YS-042 in response to demand for yogurt as a healthy and convenient snack – with an aim to meet consumer preferences for creamy textures and a shorter ingredients list.

“Consumers are unwilling to compromise on the sensory properties of their yogurt products, with indulgent flavours and creamy textures topping the list of favourites. It can be difficult to achieve this eating experience, however, without using additional ingredients that are often not attractive to today’s health- and label-conscious consumers,” said Karoline Kjaerulff, global business manager fermented milk at DSM.

“With DelvoFresh YS-042, DSM is leveraging its dairy expertise to meet these important needs. Producing yogurt can be a complex process, but as a one-stop-shop solutions provider, we’ve brought high production standards and unique fermentation technology together to develop a culture that fits seamlessly into operations and offers significant cost-in-use benefits.”

The new solution extends DSM’s DelvoFresh culture portfolio for stirred and drinkable yogurt. In 2018, the company debuted its DelvoFresh YS-140 culture, which it says helped create premium yogurts with a mild taste and velvety mouthfeel.

DelvoFresh YS-042 comes as a highly concentrated one-bag DVC culture solution for direct inoculation into milk.