Standard Machinery Corporation (SMC) continues to deliver its excellence to the Food Industry

Standard Machinery Corporation a very well-known name in the Food Industry as suppliers of innovative technologies and machinery will soon be celebrating its 75th year of being in business next year. SMC has been representing some of the most reputed and well known manufacturers from different parts of the world for equipment for Industrial Production of Food, Processing Lines and Packaging Lines. SMC has been selling  equipment to various categories in  the Food Industry  like , Bakery , Chocolate , Confectionery , Snack food, RTE , Veg Processing , Meat etc. with a Wide Customer Base all over India & Sri Lanka.   Apart from Equipment, SMC also helps in innovation of the end product.

Some years ago SMC has created a Revolution in the Snack Pellet Industry. Along with our European Business Partners we developed some very innovative products, for example it was SMC with its Partner that developed the first Pani Puri ( Gol Gapa ) in a pellet form. This became a revolution, and SMC Sold the Largest Number of Snack Pellet Lines for this product and many more such innovative products in 2D & 3D.

 M/s. TecnoPlant Snacks (

Italy have been the main architects to design these type of machines in the past. TecnoPlant Snacks has partnered with SMC offering some very new technologies for the snack food industry with some of its revolutionary technologies and equipment for 3DPellets , Traditional Pasta Lines, Cereal Die Cut Pellets, Gluten Free Pasta, Chips Pellet Lines, Nature’s Fresh Pellet Lines, Breakfast Cereal Lines, Punched Pellets , Potato Die cut pellets and Many More..

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